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SPOT Business Systems provides the leading software and services platform for the dry cleaning industry. Since our inception in 1990, we at SPOT are committed to helping you get the most out of your software investment, offering powerful tools while also valuing your unique business approach. With SPOT, you have access to hundreds of user-friendly features coupled with unparalleled flexibility and customization options to match your specific requirements. From individual stores to nationally branded chains, SPOT delivers comprehensive, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to automate the details and simplify your business. Available in over 30 countries and hosting more than 8,600 workstations, SPOT is your trusted retail partner.

END-TO-END INTEGRATION While other systems may offer pieces of the puzzle or rely on 3rd-party services to fill in the gaps. SPOT provides you with a modern, seamless, fully integrated end-to-end platform developed specifically for the industry. All of our tools and services work together to provide the information you need to maximize your business potential. Point-of-sale, item tracking, payment processing, accounting, routes/hotels, marketing and more – SPOT does it all.

TRUSTED EXPERIENCE Whether you are a new customer joining the SPOT family or a current customer looking to get the most out of your system, our skilled installation, training, and support teams are ready to assist you. We’ve expanded our staff to bring you increased responsiveness and expertise across the entire SPOT platform.

MOBILE CUSTOMER-FACING APP MyDryCleaner Mobile 3.0 is a customer-facing mobile application for both iPhone and Android devices. The stand-alone app offers custom-branding consistent with the look and feel of your professional business image and creates trust and confidence with even your most tech-savvy customers. With the app, users can complete most customer interactions including, requesting a pickup, using offsite lockers, viewing their order history, notifying the store that they are on their way, or updating their profile information, to name a few.

MOBILE ROUTE MANAGEMENT RouteTrac app, available on iPhone and Android and Delivery Console work together proving cutting edge technology and features. Grow your operation with RouteTrac’s customer management, messaging, mapping, and real-time dispatch features from the convenience of your phone or tablet. Also, view and manage all of your route activity as it happens with our web-based Route Management tool Delivery Console.

INVESTING IN YOUR FUTURE While SPOT offers a trusted, reliable platform, we are also committed to constant innovation. Our monthly platform releases included in your subscription provide you with new services, enhancements, and customizations. We invest heavily in R&D to stay at the forefront of technology. You can look forward each month to fresh new features and greater expansion into such fast-moving areas as predictive marketing and business analytics, helping you to gain that competitive edge.

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